Custom dyed ash 180hp console case

This commission for a customer in Belgium came with some specific requirements :

The total height of the case had to be less than 25cm in order to fit below the monitors on the customer’s desk

The case should be 180hp wide to accommodate as many modules as possible in the space availabe

3 x KonstantLab ZDROJ linear power supplies, requiring careful consideration of airflow and ventilation within the case

The timber is American ash, dyed to a deep black colour and then finished with coats of finishing oil.

DMF 2019 ‘curvy retro’ show case

I wanted to step away from the classic designs and do something totally different for Dutch Modular Fest this year. This is what I created.

– 12u 150hp solid walnut with oak accents

– Curved walnut veneer rear panel

– Air vents top and bottom

– 6 X Tip Top Zeus bus boards with star wiring

– Custom rail system for mounting the bus boards

This is a 100% unique, totally custom piece which I hope will become the centerpiece of someone’s studio for years to come.

This case is for sale.  Please send a message using the contact form for more info

Customer case – 12u 126hp Goike style in oak

This customer wanted a 126hp Goike case, but was undecided about choice of materials and power system.  After some discussion about the arrangement and look of his current stufio set uyp, we agreed that solid oak would be a great choice, and I was able to find some gorgeous panels from a huge old oak tree which lived on Buiksloterweg in Amsterdam Noord.

The 12u case is 126hp wide, and the customer opted for a pair of KonstantLab ZDROJ linear PSUs for the power system.  To facilitate good airflow round the case, I added air vents on the fron tand top panels,  These give the classic Goike design a nice twist.

The case has now shipped to its new home in Prague.

High gloss finish cases

This 3 row, 86hp skiff is solid ash with a purple heart stripe running right around the case.  It’s a really striking and different combination.

Instead of the oil finsh I normally use, I chose to finish this one with a really hardwearing product which can be wet sanded after it’s dried to a super high gloss finish.  It’s a lot of work with the sandpaper, but the results speak for themselves!

This high gloss, hard wearing finish is an option on all Gould Case Works cases

This case is for sale.  Please send a message using the contact form for more info

Dyed ash cases

I love to work with Ash.  It has a really interesting grain pattern and it has the added bonus of taking dyes and stains really well. 

The cases you see here are dyed with water based dye which is environmentally friendly.  When the dye is dry, the cases are finished with finishing oil, which gives exactly the same level of feel and durability as a natural finish case.

Ash can be dyed to any custom colour you like – the orange and black cases you see here are a couple of examples to show the depth of colour and how the grain pattern shows through the dye.

The cases in the gallery are for sale.  Please send a message using the contact form for more info

Goike style Eurorack case in oak – 12u 104hp

Solid oak Eurorack case built to Matthew Goike’s design, with full approval from Matthew.

Goike cases are customisable to your taste – number of rows and horizontal pitch of course,  but also timber type, finishing options, design details and embellishments and different finishes.

Send a message using the contact form if you would like more info on Goike style cases

Gould Case Works Eurorack skiffs

These hardwood skiffs can be customised completely to your spec – number of rows, horizontal pitch and also custom depth to ensure that your deepest mdoules will fit the case.

There’s lots of possiblity for customisation – have a look at the gallery for ideas about how contrasting woods can be used to create beautiful one-off cases.

Base prices can be found here

The cases in the gallery are for sale.  Please send a message using the contact form for more info

19″ rack cases

Rack cases for 19″ studio gear made from solid  3/4″ / 19mm hardwoods.  300mm depth, hard wearing oil finish.

Base prices can be found here

Please send a message using the contact form to make an order or for more information about custom sizes or materials.

Elektron side panels

Side panels for Elektron boxes like Analog Rytm MkI and MkII.

The ones in the photos are solid walnut but other woods are available.

It’s also possible to use threaded inserts on the insides rather than screws… if you’re brave enough to take the lid off your pride and joy when fitting them 😉

Available now

6u Goike style Eurorack modular case

19mm American walnut

Two rows of 104hp

This design can be made with your choice of timber and power system.  Please send a message using the contact form for more info.

Walnut side panels for Serge 8u system

These end cheeks were custom designed for two rows of Serge modular synthesiser. The panels are cut from American Walnut and finished with Danish oil for a really good looking but durable finish.

I also incorporated threaded inserts into the insides of the side panels to avoid having bolts showing on the outside of the sides. This worked out really well, and the client was really happy with the result.

Send a message if you’re interested in side panels or cases for your modular system!