Gould Case Works makes custom cases and racks for modular synths (Eurorack and Serge) and other electronic instruments and studio gear.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, I design and build custom hardwood cases using top quality materials, heavy duty joinery techniques and beautiful finishing methods.

Timbers which are native to the Netherlands like oak, ash, beech and elm are sourced from Hout van je Stad when they are available.  Other woods are supplied by a local timber merchant and are EUTR / FSC certified.

In addition to creating my own designs, I’m proud to announce that I’m authorised by Matthew Goike to make Eurorack cases based on his designs.

My latest custom project is a 1000hp Eurorack case and matching skiff in solid oak, with walnut detailing.  This was a really special project, to see the finshed articles have a look at the photos in the gallery

If you’d like more information or to discuss a custom project, please get in touch using the contact form


Happy emails from happy customers 🙂

The case is awesome, even more beautiful than on the pictures! I’m so delighted to have such a nice case!

I’m sure to order again from you as soon as I’ll need another case. I cannot reiterate enough how nice it is to have an object where real craftsmanship went into producing it. It makes every other large-scale produced run-of-the-mill product pale in comparison – both in terms of build quality and also other less tangible qualities.

I’ll make sure to recommend you both online, like on MuffWiggler, and in real life.

12u Goike case customer, Switzerland


I really appreciate the regular updates, walking me through it, and that you were able to do it all so quickly.  Thanks for making the whole process so easy.

12u Goike case customer, Czech Republic

Many thanks for the pictures of the case! It already looks awesome! I really appreciate you sending me these.

In our industrialised world, it is way to seldom to have direct contact with the people producing the goods that we buy or that grow the things that we eat. It makes the products all the more precious and I’m so glad to support small-scale production and craftsmanship.

I’m so glad that I found you and went for a case from you instead of buying a run-of-the-mill case from a large manufacturer!

Goike case customer, Switzerland

I just wanted to email to let you know that I received the rack case this afternoon!

I took pictures of the package and the unit as I was opening and unwrapping it, but everything is good.  I just finished putting all of the equipment into the rack and setting it all up.

It looks beautiful! I’m very happy with it.

Walnut rack case customer, ON, Canada

Thanks! I just received the case and it looks amazing! Very beautiful. And so well packed! I think the delivery guy could trow it around and drop it on the floor and still no scratch. 👍 best packaging ever. 🤓

Oak 19″ rack case customer, Belgium


Looks like it arrived safe and sound! I haven’t racked it up yet, but the wood is beautifully finished and I love the color. Nice job. Thanks!

86hp Eurorack case customer, Brooklyn USA

Thanks so much, the package arrived just now. Damn are the sides beautiful! They’re almost too nice to be drilled into.

Cheers, thanks for the amazing work. Pic will come when fitted

Custom walnut side panel customer, Netherlands

Just want to let you know that the case FINALLY arrived today.

It’s a beauty and much better than in the pics. I love it!

If I expand i would love to have another one from you if possible.

Custom eurorack skiff customer, California USA

I LOVE the case, it looks so much better in real life than on the pictures. It also smells amazing 😃

This definitely won’t be my last order from you 😊

12u Goike case customer, Austria

You seem to be a perfectionist.  You  made this rack very well – stunningly precise work!

Eurorack / 19″ combo case customer, Rotterdam, NL

Honestly this looks absolutely stunning. Much better in person that I expected. Very very pleased with the product and looking forward to using it in my home studio. 

Walnut 19″ rack case customer, MD USA