25% off all the cases below & 10% off new orders this month

I’m clearing out some cases from 2019 which I built as photo models or to show at Dutch Mdoular Fest last year.

I need the space in the workshop so these cases are priced to sell – 25% off the original price. 

I will ship worldwide

Power systems can be added before shipping.  I normally use KonstantLab BoardPWR or ZDROJ and charge KonstantLab’s RRP for their products plus €12 per row for fitting.

Have a look at KonstantLab’s website for more info

Want to place an order?  Have questions?  Send me an email! 

*** More photos of all these cases can be found in the Gallery ***

DMF 2019 ‘curvy retro’ 600hp show case

€2850-25% discount = €2280

– 12u 150hp solid walnut with oak accents
– Curved walnut veneer rear panel
– Air vents top and bottom
– 6 X Tip Top Zeus powered bus boards with star wiring
– Custom rail system for mounting the bus boards
This is a 100% unique, totally custom piece which deserves to become the centerpiece of someone’s studio for years to come.

Oak 12u 104hp Eurorack case


Built to Matthew Goike’s design

– solid oak
– vector rails
– power switch & switchcraft power connector included

6u 150hp walnut skiff with oak stripe

€495 -25% discount = €396

– 6u 150hp skiff
– solid walnut with solid oak stripe
– 100mm approx internal depth
– rounded edges and bevel around the inside edge
– power switch & switchcraft power connector included

6u 104hp oak skiff with walnut trim

€365 -25% discount = €274

– 6u / 104hp solid oak skiff with walnut corners and walnut rear panel
– 100mm approx internal depth
– power switch & switchcraft power connector included

Oak 3u 19″ rack case

€185 -25% discount = €139

– solid oak 19″ rack case.
– 300mm deep.

Walnut 4u 19″ rack case


– solid walnut 4u 19″ rack case.
– 300mm deep.

Walnut 4u left

Solid oak 86hp super mini skiff

€160 -25% discount = €120

– solid oak skiff
– rounded edges and corners all over
– approx 80mm internal depth
– can literally be picked up and carried round the house with one hand

Dyed ash 86hp mini skiffs

€175 -25% discount = €131

I put these together to demonstrate how well ash can be dyed into almost any colour.
One case is loud and shouty orange , and one is an anthractie / black colour.
On both cases, the beautiful grain of the ash shows through the dye but the cases are treated with the same oil finish as all my other cases so they’re smooth to the touch and durable.
approx 100mm internal depth

(Note : the orange case is now SOLD!)

6u 104hp oak skiff

€340 -25% discount = €255

– 6u / 104hp solid oak skiff
– 100mm approx internal depth
– power switch & switchcraft power connector included


9u 84hp ash skiff with purple heart stripe

€440 -25% discount = €352

– 9u 86hp skiff in solid ash with a purple heart stripe running around the middle of the case
– Super tough, high gloss finish. Really smooth and extremely durable
– Rounded corners plus bevelled inside edge
– 110mm internal depth
– power switch & switchcraft power connector included

Gould Case Works makes custom cases and racks for modular synths and other electronic instruments and studio gear.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, I design and build custom hardwood cases using top quality materials, heavy duty joinery techniques and beautiful finishing methods.

Timbers which are native to the Netherlands like oak, ash, beech and elm are sourced from Hout van je Stad. Other woods are supplied by a local timber merchant and are EUTR / FSC certified.

In addition to creating my own designs, I’m proud to announce that I’m authorised by Matthew Goike to make Eurorack cases based on his designs.

If you’d like more information or to discuss a custom project, please get in touch using the contact form

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