What is Gould Case Works?

Gould Case Works is a one man manufacturer based in Amsterdam, NL.

I design and build custom hardwood cases for synthesisers, modular, 19″ rack equipment and studio furniture.

I also do the web design, photography, admin, finance and all the other stuff which needs to be done. So if you spot any spelling mistakes / website problems etc please let me know 🙂
Yes. I aim somewhere in the middle of aesthetics and ergonomics in my designs. I create things which are meant to be used – they’re solid enough for professional environments, but they are also beautful – complementing and accentuating the equipment that goes in them.

By using solid wood, I am able to create things which will last for decades. The things I make are not disposable; they will last for as long as they are needed.
Yes, I love custom work! Helping customers turn their ideas into a reality is really what keeps things interesting for me, so all ideas for projects, no matter how outlandish, will be considered.

From adding design tweaks and wooden accents to cases, all the way to fitting a Eurorack system into a mannequin which lives in a coffin, my custom-customers bring the most interesting challenges.

If you’ve got an idea for something, send me an email and let’s chat!
Yes. Previous clients include This Is Not Rocket Science, Metasonix, SoundForce and Dtronics.


Native woods like oak, ash elm and beech are usually sourced from Hout van je Stad; an Amsterdam based organisation which uses trees which are felled as part of routine maintenance in parks and public spaces around the city.

Non-native species are sourced from a local wood merchant whose timber complies with EUTR and FSC standards
I’m fortunate to work in a place with an almost never ending supply of strong, clean cardboard. After giving every case a double layer of high quality bubble wrap, I reuse clean, strong cardboard boxes to package everything I send out. This is better for the environment and cheaper for the customer too. Win win. I pride myself on good packing. My cases have gone all round Europe, the USA, Canada and as far as Hawaii and Japan, and all of them have arrived undamaged.


Please send me an email with your name, address, telephone number and details of what you would like. I will write you an invoice. Payment should be made by IBAN transfer.. Details are on the invoice
No, I don’t use PayPal
There are better, faster, cheaper options. Try Transferwise if you need a quick, easy, low cost way to send money internationally.
Payment to a European bank via IBAN can often cost a lot of money in fees and poor exchange rates when handled directly by your bank. Instead, I recommend Transferwise. It’s a cheap, easy way of sending money internationally. I don’t have any vested interest in recommending them; I’m just a happy customer.

Shipping & Delivery

Yes, collection is possible by appointment only from my workshop to the west of Amsterdam. When you make an order, let me know that you would prefer to collect it and we can make an appointment.
Gould Case Works chooses a shipping method based on the value of your order.  All orders are insured for their full value. – For orders with a value under €500, the cheapest option is normally to ship with Post NL (Dutch national post service) and your shipment is handed over to your local postal service when it arrives in your country – For orders with a value greater than €500, DHL is normally the best choice I will provide a shipping estimate before you place an order, and the actual cost of shipping will be aded to your final invoice. If you would prefer to book your own courier to collect your shipment, that is possible by prior arrangement.
The cost of shipping varies greatly depending on the size and weight of your order, as well as where it’s travelling to. Because shipments from Gould Case Works vary in size and weight considerably from one to the next, I prefer to get a shipping estimate for each individual order. If you’d like to know how much something might cost to your location, send me an email () with your shipping address and order details and I will provide you with an estimate.
No, it is not possible to declare a lower value for your order on the customs paperwork.