These cases are in stock and ready to ship within a day or two of your order.

For cases which don’t already have a power system fitted, I can add your choice of  power system before shipping.  I normally use KonstantLab BoardPWR or ZDROJ and charge KonstantLab’s RRP for their products but power systems from other manufacturers can be installed on request.

Have a look at KonstantLab’s website for more info on their different power systems.

I charge €15 per 3u row for fitting a power system


Want to place an order?  Have questions?  Send me an email! 

*** More photos of all these cases can be found in the Gallery ***


DMF 2019 ‘curvy retro’ 600hp show case

€2850 inside EU / €2355 outside EU

– 12u 150hp solid walnut with oak accents
– Curved walnut veneer rear panel
– Air vents top and bottom
– 6 X Tip Top Zeus powered bus boards with star wiring
– Custom rail system for mounting the bus boards
This is a 100% unique, totally custom piece which deserves to become the centerpiece of someone’s studio for years to come.


6u 104hp oak skiff with walnut trim – fully powered

€495 inside EU / €409 outside EU

This case has history!

I loaned the case to Hainbach101 for his ‘Superbooth Special Reserve’ live streams which he kindly organised when Superbooth 2020 was cancelled.  He used the case to demo all the modules which were sent for his streams.  I also had the chance to chat to Hainbach and friends about Gould Case Works on day one of the live stream.  It’s up on his youtube channel so check it out 🙂

When I got the case back from Hainbach, I sanded and re-oiled it so it looks, feels and smells brand new.  This is a great case for anyone just starting out in Eurorack.

– 6u / 104hp solid oak skiff with walnut corners and walnut rear panel
– 90mm approx internal depth
– KonstantLab BoardPWR
– Gould Case Works bus boards (designed by TiNRS)
– Meanwell 60W power brick included

19″ rack cases

Here’s a chance to get a Gould Case Works rack case without having to wait for the normal 3-4 week production time.

Three cases are in stock and ready to ship

6u walnut 30cm depth 250

6u walnut 25cm depth 240

3u oak 28.5cm depth 180

Send me an email if you’d like high res photos of any of these cases –